The James Baldwin Memorial Site

A memorial to James Baldwin by friend, artist, archivist, film documentarian and human rights activist Claire Burch.


Beauford Delaney

One of the most important artists in

American history; a contemporary of James Baldwin.


National James Baldwin Literary Society

An association of scholars, teachers, creative and performing artists, undergraduates, graduate students and lay persons who have a serious interest in the life and writings of James Baldwin.


Speak Out - Institute for Democratic Education and Culture

The country's only national non-profit organization that promotes progressive voices on campuses and in communities. Committed to social, political, cultural and economic justice, Speak Out encourages critical and imaginative thinking about domestic and international issues through artistic and educational forums nationwide.


Calvin Levels

Calvin Levels' filmography can be found

at the Internet Movie Database:


Pacifica Radio

Bringing listeners alternative, community,

free speech, listener-sponsored

radio for over 50 years.


L.A. Weekly

Theatre, films, arts and everything else

to do in Los Angeles.


The Artists Network of Refuse & Resist!
The Artists Network is a group of artists and

arts presenters who create and promote art that

contributes to a CULTURE OF RESISTANCE.




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